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Pressure regulator Optima: modification of upper casing
This modification applies to all variants of the following series:

Due to constant development and technical improvements the upper casing of the pressure regulator variants “Optima” is revised and modified.
All above mentioned pressure regulator variants will be gradually delivered with a new upper casing after exhaustion of the models with the old one.
Subsequently the pressure regulators with the old upper casing will no longer be available.
The pressure regulator variants “E-Flush“ and “E-Control“ are not affected by this modification.

  Overview of modification
Pressure regulator Optima with old upper casing available while stocks last
  Pressure regulator Optima with new upper casing after stocks are exhausted

  (illustration without accessories)
Both casing versions differ as follows:

Old upper casing:

− The old casing version had two mounting brackets (1). Those were firmly connected to the casing.
− Floor watering: these mounting brackets were used to connect the round pipe supporting elements to the pressure regulator by means of the galvanized holder.
− Cage and aviary management: mounting brackets were used to fix the pressure regulator to the cage/aviary system.

  New upper casing:

− The new upper casing hasn’t got these two mounting brackets anymore (2).

  Consequence for floor watering
If aluminum supporting elements are used, nothing will change for the customer.
In future only round pipe supporting elements will no longer be fixed to the housing by means of mounting brackets.
Round pipes will be fixed to the pressure regulator by using special round pipe holders (3) (as already known from aluminum supporting elements).
For the application with round pipe supporting elements there are new pressure
regulator variants available from now on.
The special round pipe holder is part of these new regulators.
An overview of new available pressure regulators can be found in the LUBING pricelist.

Dimensions in mm
  Consequence for cage and aviary management
The mounting brackets are no longer available for fixing the pressure regulator to the cage/aviary system.
It is necessary to create an appropriate mounting plate
The mounting plate must be fastened to the upper part of the pressure regulator.
Fixing holes already exist. The hole pattern is the same for old and new upper casing (refer to illustration besides).
To avoid damages inside the pressure regulator please use 4 pcs. thermoplastic screw 5x11 (included in delivery of the pressure regulator) for fastening.


  Metal bracket (Item no. 030 110 52 00)
A metal bracket which simulates the mounting brackets is available as additional accessories.
Fasten the metal bracket to the upper part of the pressure regulator
with 4 pcs. thermoplastic screw 5x11 (included in delivery of the pressure regulator)

A 3D model of the modified upper casing is available on request.
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