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Via Marco Polo, 33 (Z.I.)
35011 Campodarsego
Padova - Italy
tel +39 049 9202290
fax +39 049 9201234

P. Iva 00186520284
Registro Imprese di Padova
Nr. iscrizione 00186520284
Cap. Soc. € 100.000,00 i.v.
REA PD – 249743


Technical Data

• Maximum drinking line length with front connection: 60 m
• Maximum drinking line length with middle connection: 120 m
• Adjustable water column: 5 – 40 cm
• Three freely assignable preset buttons for the water column.
• Three freely assignable timer for each preset button.
• Inflow pressure: 1 – 3 bar
• Connection technology: CAN bus
• Safety: System continues with the last values independently at a power failure.
• Presets can be stored and transferred via SD card.

Automatic flushing

The pressure regulator system LUBING Optima E-Control with actuators allows in addition to the pressure regulation also the automatic flushing of the drinker line. The LUBING flush control „Touch Control“ switches successively the actuators, which open the integrated flush valve of the pressure regulator.
The required voltage is provided by LCW controller uniformly in 24 V DC.

The principle
Depending on the water consumption of the animals, fluctuations in the main water supply system, or time of day, the pressure conditions in Drinking- Systems tend to vary. This can lead to water deficits in the drinking line or, paradoxically, to leaking systems.
With the new pressure regulator system LUBING Optima E-Control, an optimal water supply can now be assured more easily: Using the electronic control LUBING Touch Control, the settings for the water supply at the drinking line can now be implemented centrally using an intuitive touchscreen and then electronically regulated with actuators at the pressure regulator.

The operation
With LUBING Optima E-Control, using stepless control, the watering pressure for a constant supply to the animals can be electronically set, monitored and re-adjusted via a central control module. Feedback from the water columns of the individual lines to a central control unit allows for easy monitoring on a constant basis for the user.
The LUBING Optima E-Control system goes one step further yet: It adjusts the water column in the drinking line automatically, e.g. via time-controlled or operation- or animal-specific programming. Thus, the moisture content of the litter can be reduced significantly, improving the welfare of the animals (the key word here being the health of the footpad by avoidance of pododermatitis) without the need to re-regulate manually or, in extreme cases, even to turn off the water supply. Automatic reaction to changing external conditions is also possible, such as an automatic increase in water column height with rising temperatures, concurrently increasing the water supply.

Advantages at a glance:

• Adjustment and easy control of the water column of all drinking lines at one central control unit
• Dryer litter through optimal and automatic adapted water supply to the needed demand
• Electronical adjustment and regulation of pressure
• Automatic adjustment of the water column in the drinking line, e.g. via time-controlled operationor animal-specific programming
• Automatic response to external factors, e.g. by increasing the water column at higher temperatures.
• Easy-to-use operating through touch controller.
• Networking of the pressure regulators via a robust CAN bus system.
• Functionality is ensured during power failures, as the system works without auxiliary energy
• Timer function: Adjustment of the water column to fixed values at fixed times
• Alarm function if water shortage occurs
• The automatic flushing can be activated for a high level of hygiene

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