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Via Marco Polo, 33 (Z.I.)
35011 Campodarsego
Padova - Italy
tel +39 049 9202290
fax +39 049 9201234

P. Iva 00186520284
Registro Imprese di Padova
Nr. iscrizione 00186520284
Cap. Soc. € 100.000,00 i.v.
REA PD – 249743
PEC lubingsystem@pec.it
The Main water supplies from LUBING incudude all components needed for an optimum water supply:

• the water-meter
• the pressure reducing valve
• the water filter
• the medicator

These components are interconnected by flanges and allow an easy and fast exchange of the components.
For fast and trouble-free installation and removal in the house all components are fastened on a galvanized metal bracket.


The medicator works without power and is integrated into the Main water supply.
The water pressure acts as driving force.
The medicator sucks the concentrate (medicine, vitamins, etc.) from the mixer, measures the required dose percentage and mixes it with the incoming water in the mixing box.
This mixture will be fed into the drinking system.
The dosage is always constant and proportional to the water quantity even with possible pressure and water flow fluctuations.

Versions of our delivery programme:

The Main water supply is available in different versions for 3/4’’- and 11/4’’-connections and with different medicators.
Please ask for more information.


• fast installation
• easy on-/off-handling
• little room needed
• easy dosage of the medication
• no need for supervision
• no throttling of water flow
• change of dosage possible during operation
• integrated mixing box guarantees exact dosage
• operation possible with low pressure
• low noise
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