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Padova - Italy
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P. Iva 00186520284
Registro Imprese di Padova
Nr. iscrizione 00186520284
Cap. Soc. € 100.000,00 i.v.
REA PD – 249743
PEC lubingsystem@pec.it
With the Automatic Flushing-System your drinking system is flushed by itself. With the LUBING controller and the flush boxes you can flush each number of drinking lines separately. This system can be easily retrofitted into existing drinking systems.
Necessary components
1. The LUBING controller LCW-max art. 44822
With the controller the following values can be adjusted to the individual needs:
- The duration of the flushing. With that you can adjust the time required for a sufficient flushing depending on the length of the drinking lines and thus avoid waste water also during the flushing.
- The time of flushing.
- Each drinking line is flushed separately one after another. Requirements: approx. 1 liter for 4 meter length of drinking line (nippel pipe 22x22).  
2. The flush boxes
Flush box art. 4484 (for 8 drinking lines)
Flush box art. 4485 (for 16 drinking lines)
- These boxes could combined as you wish.
- Because flush boxes are connected in series, an endless series could be installed.
3. The flush kit - art. 4166
The solenoid valve (dead closed) is also attached to the water supply line of the pressure regulator. The entire unit between the water supply hose and the pressure regulator is delivered pre-assembled.
To control the solenoid valve a cable must be attached to the LUBING controller LCW-max. (230 V, 250 Hz)
4. The flush breather unit - art. 4255-00
For the automatic flushing a new breather unit was developed. This is fastened to the end of the drinking line.
The height of the water column is shown by a red ball in the breather.
Trough the drain kit the flushing water is led to the drainpipe.

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