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Via Marco Polo, 33 (Z.I.)
35011 Campodarsego
Padova - Italy
tel +39 049 9202290
fax +39 049 9201234

P. Iva 00186520284
Registro Imprese di Padova
Nr. iscrizione 00186520284
Cap. Soc. € 100.000,00 i.v.
REA PD – 249743
PEC lubingsystem@pec.it

The LUBING Floor-watering system for broilers consists of the following elements:
1. Water supply
2. Drinking elements
3. Breather unit
4. Suspension
1. Water supply
The Main water supply secures an optimum water quality for a long service life of the nipple drinkers. The water should have the quality of drinking water. At any case the water must be filtered.
The water runs from the Main water supply through the Pressure regulator or the Ball tank with integrated flush system into the drinking lines. Both versions are available for front or middle-  installations.
2. Drinking Elements
The drinking lines are supplied in assembled elements of 3m length. These elements are to be coupled to the length of the house.
3. Breather Unit
At the end of each drinking line a flush breather unit is installed. All valves of the breather units close during the flushing, which could be started by hand or alternatively by the automatic flush system.
4. Suspension
The drinking lines are suspended by hangers, which are stuck on the aluminium profiles every 3 m. These hangers are connected via ceiling pulleys with the central hoisting cable. The drinking line can be adjusted to the desired height by Hand winch or Ceiling winch and can be winched up easily to the ceiling for emptying or cleaning.
Perfect hygiene for your Drinking-System

The drinking water in the TwinClean Line is continuously circulated inside the drinking line. In addition a pump is installed in the circulation unit, which pumps the water with defined pressure to the upper line of the drinking line profile. The water runs to the end and flows back again in the lower nipple pipe to the pump.
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