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Via Marco Polo, 33 (Z.I.)
35011 Campodarsego
Padova - Italy
tel +39 049 9202290
fax +39 049 9201234

P. Iva 00186520284
Registro Imprese di Padova
Nr. iscrizione 00186520284
Cap. Soc. € 100.000,00 i.v.
REA PD – 249743
PEC lubingsystem@pec.it

The Principle
The LUBING Top-Climate-System was developed for effective humidifying, cooling and dust binding of the house air. It works according to the principle of the direct evaporative cooling.
Through high pressure nozzles water is injected into the house air with a pressure of 70 bar as fog. The fog evaporates immediately and causes the cooling of the house air by extracting heat. This cooling effect saves energy because the ventilation rate can be throttled.
During heating periods and after the arrival of young animals the LUBING Top-Climate-System is used for the rise of the humidity to optimum value. The world-wide approved LUBING Top-Climate-System operates successfully with any kind of ventilation system. Even in open houses with only low compulsory ventilation, a considerable improvement of the house climate is achieved. The LUBING Top-Climate-System contributes substantially to the animals’ health and activities with laying hens as well as fattening poultry and rearing. So the medicine application may be reduced.

Humidity and Temperature Sensor

DOL 114 is a high-precision sensor for measuring relative humidity and temperature. It is intended for application in livestock houses. The sensor features two 0 to 10 volt analogue outputs with very low output resistances and full protection against short circuits and wiring failures. The special sensor element and the built-in Teflon filter enables application in livestock houses with constantly high humidity. The sensor can be supplied with built-in connector or cable according to requirement. Sensor is microprocessor-controlled and has a two-colour light emitting diode (LED) to communicate the operation status and the error diagnostic.
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