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top climate modular design lubing.

As part of the technical development of our Top climate systems, we will convert our product range into a modular construction. Some information useful for passing from ECO pumps to the new D-Line pumps are attached below as also information regarding the optimization of the new D-Line pumps.
LUBING is planning a modification of the product program of Top climate systems in order to respond flexibly to new
challenges on the markets. At first only the Eco pump unit program is affected by this modification.
The new modular design allows several new combination possibilities without increasing the already existing high
number of pump unit variations. In the future a small number of modules will clearly cover a lot of individual variations.
Based on this modular design there will be several advantages:

• increased flexibility of Top climate systems,
• simplified service and repair work,
• simplified production planning and storage due to standardized modules; consequently shorter delivery times are
possible and cost increases are avoided.
The system consists of following modules:
Top Climate System modification of the product program to a modular design LUBING scheme

The following example will explain the new design more detailed

Up to now: if a pump unit Eco 250 with electrical pressure relief, a filter unit and a controller has been ordered, these
products have been manufactured and prewired according to order. Then controller and pump unit were tested together
and left LUBING completely wired.
Modular design: if the above mentioned system is required in the future you have to order this system in single modules:
a standardized pump unit, an add-on module for the electrical pressure relief, a filter unit with main valve and a
controller. All pump units are still 100% tested. Several standardized modules will be available directly from stock.

Top Climate System modification of the product program to a modular design LUBING old order
Top Climate System modification of the product program to a modular design LUBING new order
Pump unit, main valve and electrical pressure relief (delivered incl. connecting cables) are not wired by LUBING anymore.
The components will be connected to the controller during the installation process of the system by qualified persons onsite.

Advantage: it is easier to put connecting cables into cables channels or extend cables if necessary.
Based on the modular design it is much easier to add further optional add-on modules (e.g electrical pressure relief)
to the existing system than it was before. Because of the modular design spare parts (e.g. valves) are replaceable much
easier, too.
Furthermore an additional manometer that is located behind the main valve of the filter unit will simplify the
The modular design will provide further advantages:

• bigger pump units (> Eco 150) will be available in 50Hz and 60Hz versions; this way an optimized operation of pump
units at 60Hz is guaranteed,
• a new pump unit size for systems with more than 350 nozzles will be launched to the market,
• new plunger pump types made by Interpump and UDOR will be implemented,
• all new pump units will have one optimized main console; this main console fits to the dimensions of all new pump
unit versions.
The modification will take place in winter season 2018/19. Each version of the present pump units will be used up in
stock before we launch the new version accordingly.
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